Uttar Pradesh Council for Child Welfare

Street Children Project

This project is targeted at weaker, destitute, labour, vagabond children and criminal children engaged in minor crimes. Such children are being imparted vocational and moral education so they may become an ideal citizen and nurture their families.

Being run since 1993 with support from the Ministry of Social Justice and Rights, Government of India, New Delhi, the project is being run in Paper Mill, Akbar Nagar and Moti Nagar areas of Lucknow city. At each centre, 100 children are made literate and imparted vocational training. Two street educators and vocational trainers have been appointed at each centre. So far hundreds of children have been trained in various vocations.

The council has provided immunisation and health check up facilities to the vagabond and destitute children. It has motivated parents/guardians of children for health examination and family planning.

Special emphasis is given on supplementary nutrition among the children. Care is taken to ensure that the distributed supplementary nutrition is nutritive, tasty and easily digestible. Along with this, facility of entertainment is provided to the children.

Children who have dropped out schools by any reason and are engaged in anti-social activities, are re-admitted to the local schools. Attempt is made to change the mentality of such children through extra consultation. So far hundreds of students have been re-admitted in the schools. Children have been counselled to ensure that they go back to their homes.

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