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Bal Shiksha Niketan

The council is running a Bal Shiksha Niketan through its efforts. This educational facility was started some 31 years ago in a flat in Paper Mill Colony and is making steady progress ever since then. Pre-primary to primary education (up to class V) is imparted to the children in the Niketan. Over 200 students are enrolled in this education centre. Six teachers, one aya, one watchman and a part time sweeper are working at the Niketan.

Apart from this, the council is making effort to establish a similar facility for the children in Moti Nagar area.

Night Shelter

The main objective of night shelter is to prepare cultured and ideal persons in future and to rehabilitate the children by meeting their security and physical requirements to make them self-reliant.

Only those children are given shelter who after taking birth in a family are forced to lead orphan like life and earn their livelihood through labour. As a result, they have to face different difficulties. The following facilities are made available in the night shelter:

Non-formal education

  • Vocational training including carpentry, plumbering, electrical mechanic, and chalk and candle production
  • Entertainment and sports
  • Food and medical treatment
  • Learn to Live Together Integration Camp for Children

With the changing times, it is needed that feelings of regionalism and casteism are destroyed amongst the people so as to inculcate a feeling of amity in the country. Emphasis should be given to inculcate the feeling of one world among the children.

Towards these objectives, Indian Council for Children Welfare organises camps so that children residing in different states and speaking different languages.

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