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Adoption Centre

Adoption centre is being run at Lilawati Munshi Destitute Children Home since 1987 with financial support from the organisations concerned with adoption and individual donors. The main objective of this programme is to provide shelter to abandoned and destitute children, nurture them and give them legally to such childless couples who are able to ensure their physical, mental, social and educational development. While going through the process of adoption, guidelines framed by Supreme Court and Central Adoption Resource Agency are followed in toto. Adoption is given under Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956, Guardianship Act, 1890, and Juvenile Justice Act, 2000.

The council also rehabilitates disabled and malnourished children in such families which can provide them extra medical facilities.

Adoption Awareness Weeks have been organised at regular intervals to create awareness among the masses regarding the process of adoption. The activities include fancy baby dress shows, distribution of pamphlets in nursing homes, hospitals and police stations, information dissemination on legal aspects, organisation of workshops, slogan broadcasting on radio and television, etc.

Every year more than 15 children are provided families by way of adoption.

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