Uttar Pradesh Council for Child Welfare

Bravery Awardees in Decade 1970s


Name and Address: Ms G Sandhya, D/o Mr GB Rao, A-6 Krishna Pura, Modinagar-201204, Ghaziabad

Age: 7 years 10 months

On the February 18, 1979, a group of people had gone to a picnic spot near Muradnagar on the bank of the Ganga canal. While the elders were arranging the food, the children including the seven years old Sandhya were sitting on the bank of the canal. All of a sudden Sandhya's three years old brother, while running along the steep bank of the canal, slipped and fell into the swirling waters of the canal while the other children were stunned to move. Sandhya showed quick presence of mind and brave disoposition by jumping into the canal to saver her bother from being carried towards the fall by the swift waters of the canal. She valiantly clung onto her brother and called out for help Later they were rescued by the people there. Sandhya acted bravely and prevented that could have been major mishap.


Name: Master Deepak khuller

Age: 13 years

On May 7, 1975, Master Deepak Khuller was resting near United Club Swimming Pool when he saw a four-year-old girl falling accidentally in to the swimming pool. He dived into the pool and brought out the child. Later he phoned the parents to take their child.

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