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Bravery Awardees in Decade 2010s


Name and Address: Ms Anshika Pandey, Bharat Nagar, Lucknow

Anshika was going to the school from her home at 7 o’clock in the morning. An unknown car driver stopped her to enquire about an address and the person sitting on the rear seat tried to pull her inside the car by holding her hair. Immediately Anshika put her leg in the car door. At that time one of her friends came. Seeing her, the person attacked Anshika with knife. She took the knife on her hand. By that time crowd started gathering and the people in the car sped away. The goons were not successful in kidnapping her. She was awarded with National Bravery Award.


Name and Address: Master Aryan Raj Shukla, Naya Purwa Niyawan, Faizabad

Aryan Raj Shukla and four of his friends were visiting Gutpar Ghat in Faizabad on May 13, 2013. His friends were swimming in Saryu river, while Aryan was sitting on the stairs. All of a sudden his friends were drowning in the river. Though Aryan did not know swimming, Aryan jumped into 8 feet deep water to save his friends. He helped them get hold of a bamboo thrown by the people standing on the embankment and pushed his friends out of the river. He was successful in saving them, but was drowned in the river. He was awarded with Bapu Gaidhyani Award for his bravery.

Name and Address: Ms Mausmi Kashyap, Village Tikari Kalan, Badaiyan Mal, Lucknow

Keshkali, Sonia and Mausmi took their goats to the banks of Gomti river for grazing on May 1, 2013. Keshkali entered the river to take bath, but wandered in deep water to take bath. She started drowning. Hearing noise Mausmi jumped into the river to save Keshkali. But Keshkali got hold of Mausmi and both drifted to deeper waters. Seeing them drowning, Sonia rushed to the village. But by the time villagers came back, both the children had drowned. After search bodies of both were recovered. For this work of courage, Mausmi was awarded with National Bravery Award.

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