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Bravery Awardees in Decade 2000s


Name and Address: Ms Vandana Yadav, Village Ghuswal Kalan, PO Barauni, Tehsil Mohanlalganj, Lucknow

Age: 14 years

Vandana Yadav and her younge brother had gone to their field on February 2, 2006. As soon as they reached there, three youths caught Vandana. When they tried to molest her, Vandana slapped one of them. Enraged over this, the young man took out a knife and hit her. Instead of giving in, Vandana chose to fight, even as she exhorted her younger brother to call people for help. Vandana cought hold of the knife with full force to save herself from being stabbed in tummy and chest. In the ensuing scuffle, Vandana suffered 17 knife stabs. In the meantime, her younger brother came to the scene with some people working on the nearby fields. Sensing danger, the youth fled from the scene. Later they were caught and brought before Vandana for identification. Fighting very valiantly, Vandana foiled their nefarious bid.

For her bravery, Vandana was bestowed with Gita Chopra Award, the highest award given to a child for exemplary act of bravery.

Name and Address: Rahul Chaurasia, C/o Mr Bhagwan Deen, E-143, Sector C, DS Colony, Sitapur Road Scheme, Janakipuram, Lucknow

Age: 10 years

Two people Alok Kumar and Dhammu (Dharmveer) came to the home of Rahul Chaurasia on January 20, 2006. There were friends of Sonu, one of the distant relatives of Rahul's mother. Mrs Chaurasia brought them to the drawing room and went to kitchen to prepare tea for them. In the meantime, telephone rang up. As she was taking the phone call, Alok and Dhammu caught hold of Rahul and his mother and hit them with knives and bat. They dragged both the injured into kitchen and bolted them from outside. They then robbed the home and fled. A few hours later, when Rahul gained consciousness, he broke the cement jaali with a hammer and raised an alarm. One of his neighbours reached Rahul's home. Both the injured were taken to the hospital, where Rahul's mother died. With the help of Rahul, Alok was arrested from his home. Rahul exhibited exemplary courage despite his injuries and got the culprits arrested.


Name and Address: Master Riyaz Ahmad, S/o Mohammad Ahmad, 100/136, Ganne Wali Gali, Aminabad, Lucknow

Age: 10 years

Riyaz Ahmad had gone to Neembu Park along with his brothers and sisters. On returning, he saw that three children led by their father were moving along the railway line. They would not hear the sound of an approaching train because as was later found the father was deaf and dumb. On the other railway line, another train was approaching. Seeing no reaction from the children, Riyaz tried to pull one of the chlildren, Ms Sonia. In this attempt, his leg got engangled in the railway line. By that time train came and Riyaz, Shabia and Sabir were seriously injured. The injured were later sent to medical college for treatment.

Name and Address: Master Ram Nayan Yadav, Village Arazi Durgh Dhoormapur Ehatmali, PO Dubaulia Bazar, District Basti

Age: 15 years

August 4, 2002, being a holiday, Ram Nayan was working on his field. Three children of the village Kallu (7 years), Raghav (9 years) and Santosh (10 years) went to the Ghaghra river for taking a bath. They could not make a judgement about the depth of the river owing to floods. As a result, the three children started drowning. Luckily they were seen by a woman working in the nearby field and she raised an alarm. Ram Nayan dived into the river and brought the drowning children out of river. Later, the villagers carried them to the Primary Health Centre where they were given treatment and thus their lives were saved.

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