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Bravery Awardees in Decade 1990s


Name and Address: Ms Sangita, C/o Mr Sudama Singh, Village Susuwahi and PO Susuwahi, District Varanasi-221005

Age: 6 years

On the morning of December 11, 1996, the students of Navneet Kanwar Public School, Susuwani had gathered in the school compound for morning assembly. All of sudden the students screamed. Exhibiting courage and maturity beyond her tender age, six-year-old Sangita boldly caught hold of the snake and threw it away. Puneet was thus saved from snake-bite.


Name and Address: Master Peeyush Dubey, S/o Dr Ashok Kumar Dubey, CMO Bunglow Campus, Civil Lines, Elite Gwalior Road, Jhansi- 284001

Age: 15 years

In the evening of June 12, 1996, Peeyush, his younger brother Himanshu and their friends were playing cricket near the house when Peeyush saw a middle-aged women (Jamuna Bai) standing near an electric pole. Noticing the electric wire in her hand and hearing the strange sound she was making, Peeyush went near the pole. Realising that the women was caught in the grip of electric current, Peeyush snatched his brother’s cricket bat and with its help tried to pull away the women’s hand from the wire. When he did not succeed, he started hitting her wrist with the bat. As a result the wire slipped from the hand and she fell down unconscious Meanwhile hearing the cries of the other children several neighbours rushed to the spot. The lady was taken to hospital where she recovered after receiving medical treatment.

Peeyush's presence of mind and prompt action thus saved a precious life.

Name and Address: Master Sher Singh, S/o Mr Lala Ram Patel, Patel Niwas, Village Singahi, PO Babu Patti, Police station Raniganj, District Pratapgarh-230304

Age: 13 years

Around 1.00 a.m. on June 18, 1996, a group of dacoits entered Mr Lala Ram Patel’s house. Hearing the noise his 13-year-old son, Sher Singh, who was sleeping on the terrace, woke up. Exhibiting tremendous grit and determination, Sher Singh started hurling stones and bricks (kept on the terrace) at them. As some of the dacoits were injuried in the attack, the others opened fire in self-defence. As a result the young boy was seriously wounded and died on way to the hospital. The dacoits escaped with valuables from the house.

Sher Singh thus risked his life in trying to foil a dacoity attempt.

Name and Address: Master Ramesh Singh, C/o President Press Club, PO Gauchar, Village Siran, District Chamoli

Age: 10 years   

In the evening of October 4, 1995, Ramesh and his eight-year-old friend Deepu were going to the forest to fetch back their cows who had been left there for grazing. On the way, a leopard suddenly attached Ramesh. In an effort to escape, Ramesh hit the animal on its chest twice with this legs. Seeing his friend struggling with the beast, Deepu ran back to the village and informed the people of the incident. Before the villager could reach the site of the incident, however, Ramesh had succeeded in freeing himself and the leopard had fled.

Ramesh received severe injuries on thigh and had to be hospitalised for treatment.


Name and Address: Ms Anita Rawat, D/o Mr BS Rawat, E-351, Sector-15, Noida-201301

Age: 11 years

The incident occurred on March 17, 1995, on the day of Holi. In the afternoon, when the celebrations were over Anita went to the nearby market to buy some household goods. On her way to the market, she was caught by some hooligans who forcibly took her to a barat ghar which was under construction. Gathering her courage the young girl resisted their attempts to molest her, giving them a stiff fight. Simultaneously, she raised a hue and cry. On hearing cries, some people of the locality rushed to the spot. This forced the ruffians to retreat. During the struggle, Anita received serious injuries. Later she boldly came forward to help the police in identifying the hooligans who had a criminal background and several cases were pending against them.

Name and Address: Ms Ruchi Paliwal, D/o Mr Sanjay Kumar Paliwal, 11/20, Bagh Muzaffer Khan, Agra-282001

Age: 15 years

On June 30, 1995, at 2.00 p.m. a six-year-old child was playing near the river Ganga in Hardwar. All of a sudden, the young boy slipped into the river and stared drowning. Ruchi who was standing nearby immediately jumped into the river and managed to catch hold of him. As soon as Ruchi caught him, the child held her tightly. As a result both of them started getting carried away by the swift current. Ruchi then pushed child away with some force and feed herself. Within moments, however, the child again stared drowning. After a long struggle Ruchi managed to grab the child’s shirt and pushed him towards the bank of the river. Some passersby who had collected near the bank in the meantime then helped the children come out of the river.

Ruchi’s timely action and presence of mind thus helped in saving the life of another child.

Name and Address: Master Prahlad Singh, S/o Mr Jagat Singh, Village and PO Mundawa, District Pithoragarh-262254

Age: 12 years

The incident occurred on November 7, 1994, when Prahlad Singh was going to school along with five of his schoolmates. As they were crossing the jungle on the way a large black bear attacked them. Petrified the children started running and screaming for help. The bear caught Prahlad Singh. In order to save the other children as well as himself the brave boy began to hit the bear with satchel. Enraged, the animal pounced on Prahlad tearing down one side of his face breaking his right arm and diggings it sharp nails into his head. Undaunted, Prahlad Singh fought back valiantly. Meanwhile, the other students, who had reached the village, brought some elders back. They rushed him to District Hospital in Pithoragah town. Prahlad Singh lost one eye and a portion of his jaw in the incident. In addition his right arm was twisted out of shape and half of his face was smashed. Prahlad’s heroic deed thus saved the lives of five children.


Name and Address: Ms Manisha alias Jigyasa Singh (Posthumous), D/o Mr Mahendra Pratap Singh, 130, Vishunpuri, Police Station Quarsi, Aligarh

Age: 5 years

The incident occurred at about 6.00 pm on May 11, 1992, when Manisha and her mother were returning from temple. On their way they noticed a young boy being approached by a speeding scooter. Rushing to the boy's rescue Manisha pushed him way. Unfortunately she herself was run over by a car coming from the opposite direction at high speed.

Thus the brave girl lost her own life but that of a small boy.


Names and Addresses: Master Arvind Kumar Pandey, and Master Krishan Kumar Pandey, C/o Mr Yamuna Shanker Pandey, Village and PO Goramafi, Via Amargarh, District Pratapgarh-230129

Ages: 10 years (Arvind) and 14 years (Krishan)

At around 12.00 noon on February 21, 1993, a fire broke out in the house of Mr Ganga Prasad Pandey and Mr Kedar Nath Pandey. Within moment the flames started spreading. Six animal tied in the house were trapped in the fire. Seeing this Krishan Kumar Pandey and Arvind Kumar Pandey rushed to their aid. Covering themselves with wet clothes they jumped into the flames and managed to untie the trapped animals. Subsequently they also succeeded in dousing the fire.

Hence with their brave and timely act, the boys saved the lives of the animals as well as property.


Name and Address: Master Mridul Khera, S/o Lt Col Prem Nath, 1329, Sector 29, Noida-201301

Age: 9 years

At about 8.00 p.m. on November 2, 1991, Mridul was having dinner with his parents at home, when the door bell rang. When he opened the door he found a stranger who asked for his father. Mirudul called out to his father As soon as his father came to door three armed persons attacked him. One of them pointed a country made pistol at point blank range and fired at Lt Col Prem Nath. Fortunately the shot misfired. Brandishing knives the other men pushed him inside and demanded all valuable to be handed over. Reacting boldly, Lt col Prem Nath grappled with them. In retaliation the robber hit him on the head.

Seeing his father fighting the armed robbers, Mirdul picked up courge and grappled with one of the assailants. Unmindful of injury to himself, he kicked and fought viciously. As a result the assailants fled inside the house. Chasing him, Mridul managed to trap him in the study room. Of the remaining two assailants, one fled and the other was overpowered.

The rare daring display by Mridul, thus, resulted in saving his father's life and loss property.

Name and Address: Master Harish Chandra. Permanent Address: S/o Mr Ganga Sahai Village, Village Salenpur, PO Khas Tehil, Tata Ganj, Badun. Present Address: Raini Well No 7 Jhuggi Shakarpur, Delhi

Age: 14 years

On April 17, 1991, Pappu Anand and Vijendra had gone to the bank of river Yamuna. Noticing a coconut floating in the water, all the three boys jumped into the river to catch it. While Pappu came out Anand started drowning and screamed for help. Hari Charan who was watching the scene, courageously jumped into the water to save Anand’s life. As Hari Charan had lost both his arms due to an electric shock about six years ago, he stretched his legs around Anand and managed to pull him out of the deep water.

It was Hari Charan’s prompt and brave act which saved Anand’s life. Vijender’s body was later brought out by the fire brigade officials.


Name and Address: Master Kaushal Kishore, C/o Mr Bahadur Singh Verma, Village and PO Lalpur, Thana Kosikalan, District Mathura-281403

Age: 12 years

On the afternoon of March 17, 1990, a few houses in Lalpur village caught fire due to a short circuit. Some villagers who rushed to the spot noticed an old lady trapped in fierce flames. Risking his own life, Kaushal entered the burning house and brought the old lady out. He also dragged out five buffaloes and removed some belongings from the burning houses.

As the fire was still smouldering, he sped to Kosi on his bicycle and informed his father about the incident. Together they informed the police who immediately arranged for the fire brigade to be sent. Kaushal thus saved precious lives with his courageous and prompt action.

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