Uttar Pradesh Council for Child Welfare

Vision, Mission and Objectives


Our vision is to see every woman and child educated, healthy and developed.

Towards this end, the organisation will enhance capacity of need women and children to develop their social and economic conditions so that they can live their life in better ways.


The mission of the council is to work for the women and children, upliftment of the society, promotion of national integrity and awareness generation about their rights for the nation.


The aims and objects are:

  1. To coordinate, activise and help in the development of the child welfare movement in the state.
  2. To be the link between the official and non-official agencies and organisations at the local, town, city, district, division and the state level, working directly or indirectly for the welfare of children and to persuade the said agencies to be the members of the council.
  3. To work as liaison among voluntary agencies and between the voluntary agencies and governmental agencies and departments about maximum cooperation, eliminating duplication, procuring more resources and ultimately securing continued improvement in standards of child care.
  4. To organise public opinion in the area under its jurisdiction, to secure progressive legislation, its better enforcement and its proper coordination with similar measures in other states of the Indian Union, and with the total welfare policies and programmes of the country as a whole
  5. To organise conferences, seminars, study groups, workshops and publish literature of topical and long range significance, and to conduct research with special reference to conditions within the state.
  6. To maintain a representative character by securing sound institutional membership.
  7. To organise, run and maintain services for the use of members organisations in its jurisdiction, such as technical counseling, audit unit such other services as may be required.
  8. To initiate action for promoting child welfare services in neglected areas and for meeting needs, by setting up essential pilot projects.
  9. To undertake studies of programmes of member agencies and the community, to locate the difficulties experienced in formulation and implementation of child welfare programmes and to find out solutions to them through joint deliberations and joint action.
  10. To be informed and to help institutional members to remain informed about the policies and programmes of the child welfare and to draw up and implement the programmes within the general framework of the policies and programmes of the Indian Council for Child Welfare.
  11. To influence the formulation of general child welfare policies and programmes within the state.
  12. To conduct all work of inter-state, national and international significance through the Indian Council for Child Welfare.
  13. To send delegates to conferences, seminars, etc., and to cooperate with other agencies serving children directly or indirectly within the jurisdiction of the State
  14. To receive grants, donations, fees or subscriptions and manage and administer the funds at the disposal of the state council.
  15. To acquire, receive and hold property, both movable and immovable, including securities and negotiable instruments.
  16. To purchase, construct, manage and alter buildings and to equip them suitable for the purpose of the state council.
  17. To manage, sell, transfer, pledge or otherwise dispose of or deal with property of any kind which may be at the disposal of the State Council.
  18. To enter into contracts for and in connection with any of the purposes of the state council.
  19. To raise money and funds by borrowing or otherwise as may be deemed fit for and on behalf of the state council.
  20. To perform all such acts as may be necessary, conducive or proper for the achievement of any or all of the objectives of the state council.
  21. To implement welfare and rehabilitation programmes for disabled and destitute children, and, if needed, along with their destitute mothers.

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